Case study

Interflora Denmark

Creating bottom-line results with the help of AI


Revenue growth Y-on-Y


Of growth attributed to CX


Of total sales created by CX

The challenge

Historically, Interflora Denmark was an association owned by approximately 300 local florists. The ownership model led to limited investments in digital transformation. And subsequently, to slowly declining revenue. In 2017, Interflora approached Responsive to initiate a digitisation strategy, focusing on data and AI. In 2018 Interflora was sold to an international private equity fund and accelerated the transformation further.

The solution

Since 2017, Interflora has built key competencies within its organisation to quickly scale digital efforts. Responsive has supported the transformation by building customer data infrastructure, establishing a cloud-based AI development platform and implementing an omnichannel marketing automation tool. Our team also developed an award-winning, proprietary AI model as well as advanced robotics — all of which have been applied to hundreds of thousands of customer interactions along the customer journey.

“We have hit something completely unique. The impact on the customer experience and the opportunities for ​ further development are enormous. This initiative is a cornerstone in our strategy for the coming years and what will make a difference ​ for us in our ambitious growth goals. In the relatively short time it has been since the launch it has attracted attention from all over the world, ​

– Zvi Goldstein, Interflora CMO