We help you monetize the true value of your customer portfolio

A data-driven and engaging customer programme is the surest way to maximize the return on your marketing investments throughout the buying cycle – while growing and enhancing your customer base for the future.

Predictive marketing

As a leading Customer Engagement Agency we operate from advanced scoring models and data mining. Our experienced analytics pinpoint which of your specific customers are most likely to buy what, when and how. With these valuable customer insights we help you plan and execute the most effective sales and marketing initiatives.

Digital communication

A data-driven and engaging customer programme enables relevant and profitable omnichannel interactions. Based on our proven record of effective loyalty concepts, such as global customer clubs for up to 5+ million members, our senior creatives will design and adapt your customized engagement programme according to specific targets.

Marketing automation

Intelligent communication builds on complex flows of real-time data. Applying leading marketing automation solutions our experienced IT specialists will orchestrate your customer interactions to always appear at the right time and place. As your Managed Service Provider we will take the full responsibility of implementing, running and optimizing your technical customer engagement platform.


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Looking for…

... Engaged customers and higher response rates?

Based on individual customer data we will generate relevant and personalized communication. This will not only inspire your customers to grant their marketing permission, but also motivate them to explore, interact with, purchase and respond to your brand.

... More effective marketing activities?

Data-driven marketing is the ideal platform for personalized customer experiences. Obviously we will provide you with accurate analytics and reports from your customers’ actions, so that you can quickly adjust your marketing effort and investment.

... Improved customer lifetime value?

A lasting customer relationship built on trust and understanding will lead to increased sales and ROI per customer. Using our scoring models for engagement and business potential your marketing efforts will meet your customers’ changing needs over time.

... Predictive customer behaviour?

Utilizing advanced scoring models and data mining we will provide you with valuable insights about your customers’ future behavior – allowing you to direct your efforts to either support or counteract the most likely scenarios, enabling you to engage with your customers and increase your ROI at the same time.

... Automated marketing activities?

With automated marketing activities in play your playing field of individual precision marketing becomes virtually boundless overnight. And while we take charge of your customer interactions, your own hands are freed up to develop your core business.

... Increased revenue?

Data-driven marketing is not mainly about generating sales to more people – but more sales to the same people. We will design, set up and run your customer programme, making it possible for you to engage with your customers in a meaningful, long-term relationship with your brand – and maximizing your revenue accordingly.


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